About Calm Chaos

At Calm Chaos it is our mission to simplify your everyday. 

This company was born out of a desire to help busy families and individuals manage it all.

The modern world requires us to be masters of multitasking; work deadlines, school events, reminders, shopping lists, meal plans; it's a never ending juggling act. No wonder we all feel so tired! 

Witnessing (and living!) the daily challenge of trying to keep on top of day to day life ignited a passion to create a simple solution.

We have created reusable planners that aren't just calendars; they're essential tools, easing the mental load of the day to day, one planner at a time.

Our Story

Calm Chaos was born out of Emma's passion for organising. As a mum of two she is living the struggle of the juggle! Day to day family life, work commitments, school reminders, social commitments, after school activities; Juggling these responsibilities often feels like managing an array of spinning plates!

Conversations with friends echoed the feelings of mental burnout that accompanied the struggle to remember and coordinate all the moving parts of life. 

Motivated in trying to find a solution for her own families schedule, Emma began thinking of ways to bring order to the chaos and make the task of staying on top of things a little more manageable.

Tuning Ideas Into Reality 

Utilising the family business, Emma's husband, Ashley, helped turn the idea into a reality. All our planners are crafted with care at our family run business in Hook, Hampshire. This unique aspect ensures that we have complete control over the entire production process. From design to manufacturing and order fulfilment, everything takes place in house. This commitment allows us to guarantee the quality of every order that leaves our facility. We take pride in overseeing each step of the process, ensuring that our wall planners meet the highest standards before reaching our customers' doors.

The Future

We are constantly working on new product ideas. We love hearing from you, so if there any planners you would like to see please drop us a message.