User Guides

Chalk Pen User Guide

Follow these simple steps to activate your chalk pen

  • The nibs will be dry when you first receive your pen
  • To prime your nib for use press it down on a piece of paper several times to release the air. Do not press too vigorously as this can damage the nib
  • Put the cap back on the pen and shake the pen vigorously so you can hear the ball bearing moving around, mixing the liquid
  • On a piece of paper press the nib in and out until the nib fills with liquid. This can take 20-40 pumps
  • If the liquid is watery when it comes out this means that the liquid has not been sufficiently mixed. Replace the cap and repeat the above
  • If the pen is dry you can reactivate it by following the steps above. If the nib remains dry you can reverse the nib and follow the same process, so the dry end becomes wet. 


The 3mm pen nibs are reversible. Switching between bullet nib and chisel tips will allow different style of writing

  • Pull the nib using your hands or tweezers
  • Make sure the nib you need to use is pointing outwards
  • Insert the nib back into the marker until you feel resistance


General Guidelines 

  • Keep the nibs and the tops of the pens clean. 
  • Avoid using on rough surfaces as the nibs can become torn
  • Clean the surface before writing on it
  • Ensure the surface is dry before writing on it
  • The nibs can be removed and reversed, allowing for a finer writing style
  • Always store the pens upright, with the caps on 
  • The pens will write wet, dry hard and are smudge proof
  • To remove the pen from the planner use a damp microfibre cloth
  • For stubborn stains use a whiteboard cleaner 


Planner User Guide 

  • Do not use abrasive cleaning cloths or products on the planners
  • To wipe the planner clean use a damp microfibre cloth
  • For stubborn stains use a whiteboard cleaner
  • Keep your planner flat
  • Laminated Master Planners might need flattening when removed from the packaging. Lay flat with a weight on either end for a few hours.
  • Only use liquid chalk pens or whiteboard markers to write on the planners